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Sustainable base

To address the various social challenges of today, we at WAKO GROUP actively incorporate CSR as the foundation of our business. We will contribute to the development of a sustainable society while considering the future of the world and society and aiming to create new values.

As a company that will lead to the next generation, the WAKO GROUP not only conducts power generation and energy-saving activities that support energy on a business scale, but also conducts an Eco-cap campaign as an environmental protection and recycling initiative for employees. We provide a place for each and every employee to think about the environment.

Initiatives as business

Energy development

The WAKOGROUP has launched a joint company in April 2013 that operates a solar power plant with a total of 6200kW (30,000 panels) of power generation capacity in Higashi-Hiroshima and Kita-Hiroshima. In the event of a natural disaster such as a typhoon or an earthquake, or a planned power outage, sunlight can be used to drive itself during the day to keep supplying electricity. Unlike electricity that uses fossil fuels and emits a lot of CO2, solar is anticipated to produce electricity in local regions for local consumption. Because it is a business activity that uses energy resources, we have established a public business system that can contribute positively to recent energy demands.
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LED lighting at all amusement facilities

Currently at the “Texas” amusement facilities, all lighting inside and outside 14 stores has been switched to energy efficient LED. As part of our corporate social responsibility activities, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of our business.
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Personal initiatives

Eco-cap campaign

Currently, as part of its community and social contribution activities, the WAKO GROUP is implementing an Eco-cap campaign at all its "Texas" facilities since September 2009. All "Texas" pachinko and pachislot parlors will donate their plastic bottle caps to NPOs, and their recycling proceeds will be used to purchase polio vaccines and delivered to children around the world. This leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions, and therefore has strong ties to the global environment in which we live. At first, even if it is a small thing, by working on it together with the whole group, can bring about major change including the way participants think about environmental issues.