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Business Overview

In the Hiroshima and Yamaguchi areas, we own and manage real estate, mainly office buildings and residences. In terms of operation and management, our quick response that building ownership enables, and our highly designed and comfortable renovations made possible because we are constantly in touch with the buildings and their tenants, have been well received by the people there. We offer comfortable and pleasant living environments and office environments that satisfy our residents and tenants.

Business Characteristics

Under the corporate slogan “New Value for Real Estate and Life,” we are committed to good design and engaged in activities to maximize the attractiveness of real estate and the value of every space.


We do not simply renew something that’s old, we add new value so that it is reborn to offer more satisfaction.


We are especially uncompromising when it comes to entrances, which are the face of the building, to choreograph stylish spaces.


Since we ourselves own residence and office buildings, we are able to provide “quick response” and “peace of mind.