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Business Overview

We operate Boat Park Hiroshima, a mooring facility for pleasure boats, as part of Hiroshima Prefecture's very first PFI project.* In addition to being the home port for boat users, we also operate public facilities that can be used by the public as a gathering place. This facility functions not only as a boat mooring station but also as a base for marine leisure, such as a marine license center, boat sales, repair shop, and wakeboard shop. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Boat Park and eat on site.

Business Characteristics

A boat lets you forget about daily life and enjoy a leisurely experience. We would like to make this special experience something more accessible at Boat Park Hiroshima, located in Chuo Ward, Hiroshima. The WAKO GROUP will be working to satisfy people's lifestyles, not just business.

Point1. Private sector manageability

We intend to improve our service and activity capabilities through the PFI* business, and we are considering providing a comfortable and secure marine lifestyle based on safety, convenience, and low prices.

Point2. Enjoyment made more accessible

Because boat maintenance is difficult, we will try to reduce the burden on our users as much as possible.

*PFI (Private Finance Initiative) is a new business method to provide high-quality public services and create private business opportunities by utilizing private sector funds, management capabilities, technology, etc., to develop, manage, and operate public facilities.