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Business Overview

This hall, based on the theme of "Everything for this Moment when You Shine," can be used for everything from full-fledged classical concerts to music class recitals, spanning all types of music, performing arts, dance events, or as a facility for business presentations such as lectures and seminars. We believe that it is a social mission as a company to cultivate the local culture and economy, and we are involved in the operation of music halls ranging from music, entertainment to business. We believe that participating in community development and contributing back to the community are the roles of the WAKO GROUP.

Business Characteristics

We run a hall where various types of concerts and recitals, as well as lectures, corporate seminars, conferences, exhibitions, parties, etc. can be held. It is currently used by a variety of corporations.

Point1. Mobility for high versatility

The maximum seating capacity in theater format is 300, but since the seats are movable, you can freely change the layout to other formats within 300 seats. On the stage, the rear reverb plate is movable from 4.6 to 6.6 meters deep, so events such as noh theater, singing and plays that require a large space can be performed.

Point2. Two on-site concert grand pianos

The hall has two full concert grand pianos (YAMAHA CF3 / KAWAI EX) on a permanent basis, making it possible to hold dual piano concerts and recitals.

Point3. Wide range of applications

You can also place round tables in the audience area and use the venue for parties. There are kitchen facilities such as large refrigerators and ice machines, and bar counters can be set-up in the lobby.