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Business Overview

Currently, our amusement division has grown to a network of 14 stores, mainly in Hiroshima and Yamaguchi, and is developing a strategy to become a core business of the WAKO GROUP to turn dreams into reality. From the beginning, we have focused on customers based on the philosophy that pachinko is part of the service industry. We will continue operating pachinko parlors that everyone loves.

Business Characteristics

At the amusement division, we always focus on building a new style, and we always build stores that are conscious of customers while differentiating ourselves from the competition. In addition to store management, we are also focusing on human resource development and environmental activities.

Point1. LED illumination in all stores

In light of recent energy demand, the Texas Group is working to reduce power consumption by installing LED illumination at all stores.

Point2. Capital investment

With customer convenience and comfort in mind, we have installed plasma cluster air purifiers (select stores) and other appliances.